I Still Haven’t Seen Slapshot

OK, so now I’ll come clean and confess what I’ve been up to for the last while. A personal obsession


Holy Cow…well, horses really!

When I’m lucky, definitely not every year, I get the reassuring consolation of knowing I shot at least one good


He Shoots, He Scores?!

So a Scots photographer walks onto a hockey rink, briefs the players, raises his video camera to his eye and


I’d Like to Thank The Academy…

Well, actually the Judges at the Applied Arts Photography Annual. I just got back from a blissfully email-free vacation to


Awwwww….. Puppies!

I know this is pretty early in the blogger-bloggee relationship to be getting all didactic, but I’d like to make


A Religious Experience with Chris Anderson, editor “Wired” Magazine

I’d say if you don’t like Wired Magazine, you probably don’t like magazines. It’s got to be about as close

Lake Louise Shinny

1000 Words: #1, Lake Louise Shinny

Late last year my good friend Bruce Sellery, who’s just about to launch his Moolala book, suggested I start a

Video: Happy Freakin’ New Year

I’m developing quite a passion for making video. The capabilities of HDSLRs to create a photographic/cinematic look in video are

A New Year’s Resolution

I’m not taking up triathlon, not even a day with the lovely Paula Findlay could inspire me to do that.