Pleased to meet you, your um…Premierness..?!

Growing up last century in the UK I was of course drilled extensivly on all matters of protocol and chivalry.

Isn’t it a little bit early to be photographing Santa?

I was thrilled to hear a little while ago that Rogers Sportsnet were to be starting a new magazine with

An Homage to Walter Iooss, 9 Years in the Making…

I love magazines, often even when they don’t have any of my photos in them. The office shelves here are

When 3x$400>>$2500

You’ve got to love the new math of the digital world. In many ways it’s defined my whole career. When

A Lovely Summer’s Day… for snowshoeing?!

Lord knows I Heart Canada but the seasons here are seriously screwed up: the glaciers have barely receded when we

welcome to...Banff!

Oh OK, I’ll go to Banff then…

As you may have noticed, I’m all about the tough days in the office. But when the “office” is all

A Labour of Love

Phew! After a 9 month gestation I’m really quite tired! Just finished a dream assignment that was equal parts labour-of-love

I Think I Love You, Ashley Ko!

The whole “I love doing what I do” thing is totally straight-up and sincere. That said though, the occasional time-pressed

agony+ecstasy series


I’m all for long duration suffering. Lasted ten years in an office job before realising I didn’t belong. Like nothing

Get On Your Bike & Ride…

Some time just before it snows again I’ll be able to get out into the Rockies mountain biking this year.

A Walk in the Park

Guilty as accused! It’s true I rarely make a priority of personal work. A large part of this is because

Sofa so Good…

Well Spring is in the air and this young(ish) man’s fancy has lightly turned to how much I loved making