I’ve had the enormous privilege to work with Alpine Canada’s finest badass rippers this year. Our short film “Pedal to

On Creating an Evolved Image

I’m big into strategy. With a past career in high performance teams & corporate change, how could I not be?

I shoot horses. Happily.

I’ve been at this job long enough now that there are times I just don’t mind saying “No”. In fact,

Ewan Nicholson PhotoVideo – A Brave New(ish) World…

Excuses abound but basically for the last 11 months I’ve been very busy while concurrently experiencing a mild existential dilemma.


Happy Birthday to… Me Inc!

In the unforgiveably long period of time since the last posting I’ve been a little busy. The #1 excuse is

Rocking to the (rural) Alberta advantage

So my pitch in Toronto at the start of the month when I was off strutting my stuff was in

Please God, Can I Make it Big This Year?

This posting has been fermenting inside me for a few weeks now. It lacked the urgency of my last about

This One Goes Out to the Ones I’ve Loved…

Riley died this morning. In his owners’ arms. There’s a dignity and openness to the passing of pets that humans

World Juniors 2012 – “I Was There!”

Seriously, how fun is this job? All of about 3 hours after the final 22 players were announced for Team

“Don’t be a dick…”

I can be a bit of a word geek. “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” is absolutely one of my favourite books

Wee Are The Ppl: A Brand is Born

Kids & Fashion – if there’s something I’m known for it’s neither of these. Not close. However, when my good

For Once, I Remembered…

“We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow”. I read these words for the first time on Friday 11th. Not having