CP + ENPV = :)

This truly is why I love doing what I do.


Early last year I got summoned down to Canadian Pacific’s head office here in Calgary to talk about potential for future stills & video work. As it happened, a former client was now in charge of internal communications and reckoned it was time to bring in a brilliant Scot to shake things up on the visual front. God bless a visionary client.

Lesson 1: Always, always be nice to clients and never ever screw up.
Lesson 2: Scots are just a wee bit better.

CP has quickly become my biggest and funnest client. I’m not a rail geek but I love telling brand stories and the combination of people, equipment and romantic heritage on the railroad is powerful stuff for me. And for CP it’s suddenly very easy to commission projects that would be logistical and financial nightmares with a conventional agency + photographer + film crew approach. In fact they just likely wouldn’t happen.

Lesson 3: I was right – the world of visual creation has fundamentally changed.

Small cameras have big sensors in them. Video’s gone cinematic and this has changed everything. The creative potential is as huge as the crew & budget are small. CP has been very quick to realise the power of network-wide story telling both for internal and external audiences. My environmental portraits are coming to life and the power of the stories is incredible. From print to web, even TV if necessary – as a visual creative it’s a dream situation limited only by imagination.

I’ve been all over Canada and midwestern USA to document the work & tales of CP’s amazingly passionate workforce. The only bunch I know who can rival railroaders for passion and pride are farmers. Seems the rails really get into your veins after a generation or two.

I’m working on a documentary project which will go live in the CP world soon. Can’t wait to show it to you. The experience of shooting that project equipped me perfectly to shoot a stills & video series about the winners of CP’s 2014 CEO Awards. The recipients are likely nursing massive hangovers after last night’s awards ceremony – given how hard they work I’m sure there was no lack of steam being blown off at their Florida soirée. This is their story…








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