“The Bow”

Two things I do painfully infrequently are blog postings and personal projects – well for now at least my conscience is clear!

I have the ridiculously good fortune to know many of Calgary’s great Olympians, including probably the world’s hottest Olympian Bobsledding couple – Jesse Lumsden & Helen Upperton. Turns out Helen arranged for Jesse to receive the most amazing hand-crafted bow in celebration of Sochi 2014. Given the amount of protein he needs, it’s quite appropriate that Jesse loves to hunt. And man does he ever love that bow. It’s a thing of beauty. So I just had to shoot it. Not shoot with it. Just shoot it. The damn thing is tensioned for a dude who pushes things for a living – I’d be lucky to be able to shoot my foot with it.

Right at the ragged edge of Fall we finally managed to make our schedules line up and headed south into the Foothills to go for a walk in the woods. I’d warned Jess that one can hunt or one can make a film about hunting. Doing both – never going to happen with me and my gear stumbling through the woods. I have no idea how the reality TV peeps do it. The plan was nicely detailed and fully visioned – take some stunning stills and shoot a bunch of wicked stuff to make into a cool little film. Given the props, location and talent a great result was a given.

I had the ever-ready Derek Bisbing with me to do the sherpa/voice-activated-lightstand thing and Helen came along to impersonate moose in the woods and generally add to the awesomeness of the day. A bunch of cameras, bit of big-ass flash, diffusion, bounce, tripods, slider & tragically batteryless Silk gimbal rounded out the team:
FS700 + Odyssey 7Q + Metabones Speedbooster
Canon 5D3 + Canon L & Sigma Art lenses
Alien Bees Einstein + Vagabond Lithium
Bisbing VAL





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