In this crazy job I’m perpetually either paranoidly underemployed or manically overloaded. With luck, there’s the occasional day in between to feel just right. I’m mostly glad to say I’m in the manically overloaded mode right now but by good fortune I was smart/lucky enough to not let that get in the way of doing a quick shoot for an old friend – Colin Young at Sportbrand Canda

We didn’t have much (any) time to plan the shoot with the lovely & talented Stephanie Labbe – goalkeeper for the women’s national soccer team. She was in town for just one day so magic-on-demand was necessary. No problem – it’s summer and the grass is green (for a few more weeks at least) so it was a safe bet that a sunset trip to the U of C’s soccer fields would net (!) some great images.

At this point I’d like to thank the Good Lord, Stephanie’s genetic heritage and her commitment to training: Stephanie + sunset is a recipe for spectacular photography. Shame on me if it hadn’t gone well. We had one hour of magic light. No time for extra lights, no reflectors, no assistant. Nothing to do but savour the moment and make as many great images as possible. It was a shoot that easily might not have happened – busyness can be an all-consuming business. But luckily we managed to make the most of #anothertoughdayintheoffice