On Creating an Evolved Image

I’m big into strategy. With a past career in high performance teams & corporate change, how could I not be? And so of course I also have a process dedicated to defining said strategies: if it feels sexy it’s strategic; if not then it will likely languish undone, forever. It’s why you hire bookkeepers and accountants.

As you may have noticed, I’ve worked really hard over the last three years to make videography part of my business. IMHO it’s super-sexy and on top of that just makes great business sense. We’re living and working in a convergent world and PhotoVideo is the way of the future. Amen. So it’s a great bonus that clients do indeed agree in growing numbers. In 2012 I had a great time shooting the university of Calgary’s stills and video for its annual report – that was a real turning point in setting video on equal footing with stills in my business. In my heart that had happened a long time before.

Skip on to 2013 and things moved to a whole new level: The great folks at 2 Percent Realty came to me with a need for stills and video. The general theme was to make it clear that 2 Percent is all about quality & full service. The specifics were to create a brand video from scratch, photograph all the Calgary realtors and shoot some recruitment videos. Fortunately, the agency Impello had already created a tagline “The Evolution of Realty” as part of a corporate branding project, so all I had to do was bring it to life. Talk about a dream project! We split the project into two: realtor stills & video and the brand video.

Part One – The Realtors
Over a couple of days on location we shot stills of each of the realtors and then had a good chat with them about their experiences in the real estate business. The stills create a very evolved image for the 2 Percent brand and the video series, eight in total, has already proved a huge asset in realtor recruitment.

The full set of realtor videos is here. And here are a few of the realtor stills courtesy of the ever-lovely Hasselblad H4D 40:




Part Deux – The Brand Story
Simply put, this puppy was one of the highlights of the summer. Roy Almog, founder of 2 Percent Realty, wanted a brand video that clearly captured the brand proposition but that was also way out there in setting the company apart from the crowd.

WTF? How do I do that? Some of the first videos that came to mind are the awesome pieces for Dollar Shave Club and Capital One and Ally
This is a level of screenplay writing I had never attempted before. While I had some ideas on what the general approach should be, it was obvious that this was my chance to collaborate with the awesome Jonathan Love . The hilarity of our “work meetings” practically got us run out of the office. To borrow from Dollar Shave Club, Roy thought the concept was F@#$ing great and so shortly after the Great Flood of 2013 we found ourselves down at Roy’s in-laws place for #anothertoughdayintheoffice . Here is a link to the BTS video.

There’s a reason why it looks like we were having fun. The whole creative journey was extraordinary. Every time Jonathan and I met the concept got stronger and funnier. On the day of the shoot we were sure we had developed the mother of all screenplays and yet even as we were rehearsing and shooting the screenplay continued to evolve. I can honestly say I’ve never had an experience like it in my creative life. When there are so many brilliant and capable people involved the possibilities are just ridiculously limitless.

I may overuse the term “dream job” a little in this blog, what else are blogs for after all? Seriously, these are the jobs I’d give the proverbial left testicle for. But just wait till you see what the next assignment from my visionary mate Roy turned out to be…