World Juniors 2012 – “I Was There!”

I Wish I Was There...

Seriously, how fun is this job? All of about 3 hours after the final 22 players were announced for Team Canada I had the privilege of hanging out with each and every one of them. Not for too long admittedly and we’re not twitter mates of Facepals but it was cool and fun nonetheless.

I was lucky enough to snag two rather fun assignments for Hockey Canada courtesy of the wonderful ladies at Brookline PR – one stills campaign and one video.

The stills were shot to support a campaign to encourage ticket holders to donate their unwanted tickets (Latvia v. Denmark anyone?) so that keen and ticketless young aspiring hockey stars could see some of the games for real. All tickets were sold in packages and so there was a good chance not every ticket would be used by the original purchasers. The images above, “I Wish I Was There…” kicked off the campaign in a suitably tear-jerking manner. I was particularly thrilled to see it up on the Jumbotron at the Canada-Finland pre-tournament game. Glad I was there to see it – had my work on plenty of billboards but never a Jumbotron!

Part two was the video shoot with Team Canada. We had plenty of time to dress & light the changing room and then just had to wait until the boys had done their thing with TSN out on the rink and were ready to chat to us. It was a pretty simple shoot but neat to see what passion these guys have for the game and how long & accomplished their careers have been already. Hard to believe a seemingly hardened veteran like Connolly is actually the same age as some of his more fresh-faced team mates. The BTS video above gives a little flavour of the shoot.

We needed to be able to prep final cuts of all 22 interviews quickly for transmission in lots of mediums so my normal DSLR video shooting was not going to be the way to go. I also know from previous shoots that the team jersies can be a moire-inducing nightmare so renting a Panasonic AF100 from The Camera Store was absolutely the way to go. It was a dream to shoot with and produced beautiful images – who would have believe such an ugly little runt of a camera could be such a winner?! I’m smitten and suspect I’ll be adding one to the quiver early in 2012! I owe particular thanks to Jordan at The Camera Store for putting me on to the Panasonic and lending me some lenses from his personal stash just so I could have such pretty depth of field control. I also had a lot of fun shooting this quick Energy TV video as a warm up with the Panasonic before hanging out with Team Canada.

As I often find myself saying, it’s all about the tough days in the office. It really does beat working for a living. A great way to finish 2011. Can’t wait for 2012…