Wee Are The Ppl: A Brand is Born

Kids & Fashion – if there’s something I’m known for it’s neither of these. Not close. However, when my good friend Bryan McCloskey announced he was launching a new kids clothing line I boldly threw caution to the wind and donated my studio to the cause.

Bryan’s a kickass designer and had a very clear vision for the look of his website. This required us to shoot on white seamless with just a few cunningly selected props so that he could cut out the images and play with them to his heart’s content in post.

Check out the video above for a behind the scenes peek at the day’s action. It ended up being an exhaustingly kidtastic 6 hours of shooting a revolving cast of despicable cuteness. Key learnings: I could never have sufficently childproofed the place. Yes a motorbike will fit through the front door. You can’t coach a wailing kid into producing the shot. The PLM is a lighting tool of infinite awesomeness. It’s fun getting by with a little help from your friends.

Wee Are The Ppl will be donating 10% of profits to children’s hospitals nationwide. Go Xmas Shopping for the hip kids in your family now!