“There’s a reason why they call the town High River…”

You might recall from my last blog post that I operate with the philosophy that “there are shoots anyone can do, shoots one can do well and then there are the ones the client would be nuts to give to anybody else”. Well, this summer I had the good fortune to work with the wonderful crew at Anstice Communications on a seriously Type 3 project called “Rooted in People” which is part of the town of High River’s post-flood rebranding.

The mission: tell the stories of agriculture, adventure, entrepreneurship & families in High River through video & stills. Definitely sounds like a job for Ewan!
We only had one day on the ground for each of the videos and there was a tonne of shooting, chatting & exploring to be done so speed was essential, just as long as the results were awesome. The town of High River was counting on us. This really is where my approach to “photovideo” provides huge value for the client: a small crew (Ewan, assistant, Kendra The Super-Producer) with highly mobile equipment is what makes creativity on the go possible.

For this series of videos I have to give a particular shout-out to my new Panasonic GH5 which has opened up a very exciting world of video shooting opportunity for me. As a photographer who has passionately adopted video I have always felt rather constrained by the difficulty of moving & operating video cameras. I have rigs, jibs, sliders & gimbals which can help greatly but there is nothing quite like being able to move & focus handheld the way you can with a stills camera. With the GH5 all that has changed. It shoots ludicrously high quality video – it has to, otherwise I wouldn’t use it. However it is also small, has a great viewfinder and is blessed with spectacularly capable in-camera stabilisation. Throw on a Sigma Art prime and serious magic can happen. The b-roll in this series of videos owes a huge debt of gratitude to the GH5.

I think projects like these are important because more than ever we need authenticity & humanity in our communications, in our lives. Story is something we all need & when it’s well told it’s something we respond to at a very primal level. This is the kind of shoot & client that I live for. Enjoy…

Jason Glass, Chuckwagon Racer

Training for the broncs starts young.

Ted – “Mr Christmas”

Patrick & Max on the Highwood.

Tony Marshall, pickleball wizard & entrepreneur.

Kim Varey, outdoor goddess.