(Some of) The Best Things in Life are Free.

As you may know from Instagram, I like my toys. By some curious twist of fate, many are officially R&D Projects – invested in strategically and with great vision by the board of EWAN PHOTOVIDEO. It’s rather fun.

I’m also a very big fan of having a roof over my head, never fearing for my life and falling asleep at night next to the person I love. And so it was easy to decide to invest some time in support of the amazing work done by Discovery House. It’s a disgrace that the world needs Discovery House and a miracle that they’re there.

My good friend Tanya Shewfelt, now the in-house guru at Discovery House, invited me to work with Cult’s wonderful James Irwin to create their new Annual Report. There are all kinds of reasons why that was a no-brainer for me, but karmic buffing aside it was a chance to go make some solid images that mean something. I’m blessed in my work these days – I pretty much only have to make images that I give a rat’s ass about. Even for me this was a shoot among shoots.

Some of our subjects couldn’t be identified and I wanted this done in-camera. The images also needed to work together as a set. They needed substance and depth and awesomeness. Here’s some of what we created. FWIW I’m incredibly proud but more importantly I trust it will make a difference. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: As creatives it behooves us to use our talents in the service of others.


Head on over to the Discovery House blog to see the full report.

I must also give a huge shout-out to McAra Printing for doing an amazing job of the printing. There’s just nothing like seeing your images beautifully printed.