Say Yes to PhotoVideo!

I’ve just completed one of the biggest and most awesome projects of my career. You know, the kind of thing

“There’s a reason why they call the town High River…”

You might recall from my last blog post that I operate with the philosophy that “there are shoots anyone can

I love to ride my bicycle. And other truths.

For the first time in a wee while, I’ve been fortunate enough to get a little bit of awards love

This is #mysportinglife

I’m likely guilty of having used the term “dream assignment” in this blog a time or two in the past

A chemical spill, a car chase & stuff…#anothertoughdayintheoffice

I think it’s pretty well known that I consider my line of employment to seriously beat working for a living.

A Western, a Teary Drama but no Oscars for Ewan :)

My love for cinema & cinematography is a secret to nobody. But I might guess you’ll be a little surprised

(Some of) The Best Things in Life are Free.

As you may know from Instagram, I like my toys. By some curious twist of fate, many are officially R&D

You Had Me at Animatronic Velociraptor Suit!

I have noted on more than one occasion that this truly is a funny old vocation. However, when the lovely

CP + ENPV = :)

This truly is why I love doing what I do. Early last year I got summoned down to Canadian Pacific’s

On the Absolute Merits of Just Doing It…

I used to have a real job which came with all sorts of perks like regular hours, regular paycheques, a

“The Bow”

Two things I do painfully infrequently are blog postings and personal projects – well for now at least my conscience


In this crazy job I’m perpetually either paranoidly underemployed or manically overloaded. With luck, there’s the occasional day in between